Caravaggio™ RENDER

Caravaggio™ RENDER, through its essential interface, is designed to be easy and immediate. Deliberately limited the number of parameters and functions, Caravaggio™ RENDER software is designed to obtain rendering without the user having to resort to particular settings. The user needs to care just about one main parameter: the time he intends to spend. The more time is available for rendering, the higher the quality of the final result.
Simple, isn’t it?


Caravaggio™ RENDER respects the philosophy of modeling software that hosts it. In fact, although the working principle and algorithms that underlie the various versions of Caravaggio™ RENDER are the same, the Rhinoceros® version differs from Caravaggio™ RENDER for SketchUp™ into their modus operandi. In full compliance with the modeling philosophy, which distinguishes Rhino from SketchUp, Caravaggio™ RENDER highlights even more the intuitiveness of certain operations of one modeler or the other. In this way Caravaggio™ RENDER becomes a tool to assist during all stages provided throughout the entire modeling process. The full integration of Caravaggio™ RENDER with the modeling software, leads to a total fusion of both, the rendering and the modeling phases, transforming the entire process of conceptualization and presentation of design, in a sequence of more direct and effective operations.

Caravaggio™ RENDER is therefore the ideal renderer for that user who prefers to obtain an immediate result without having to engage in the adjustment of complex parameters and values, typically required to obtain a photorealistic rendering. RENDER version, in fact, though based on the most sophisticated algorithm for Unbiased global illumination (Heuristic Bidirectional Path Tracing) capable of simulating the physical behavior of light, allows to achieve very realistic outputs, without compelling the user to deepen concepts, sometimes very complex to adjust values at the best.