Caravaggio™ is a professional rendering software that allows you to process models created with SketchUp™ or Rhinoceros® directly within them. It features an extremely integrated interface as to make the rendering stages so intuitive within your preferred modeller.

Based on the most sophisticated technologies in terms of algorithms, Caravaggio™ incorporates (in STUDIO version) up to 7 rendering engines and a host of parameters to choose the ideal settings and boost the performances of your work. There are in fact two versions of Caravaggio™: RENDER and STUDIO, which differ among themselves mainly for the purposes and the aim of use that one version offers respect to the other. In turn, versions are specialized for use within Rhinoceros (renowned NURBS modeling environment for Windows) and SketchUp (available on both Mac and Windows platforms).

RENDER version comes with an essential interface, offers the top in terms of ease of use and quality of performance, all made ​​accessible by a renderer really simple to use.

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The STUDIO version is instead dedicated to the professional rendering maker, whom spares no compromises in terms of control of the scene. The dashboard of commands and parameters make it a real photo studio for the development of digital images.

Go to the RENDER dedicated section to gather more information.