Buttons and Menu

As we just mentioned the buttons and menu allow you to access the same functions and exactly those listed below:


Starts rendering in progressive mode, so you can have, from the earliest moments of rendering, an idea of what will be the final result. Waiting for preview rendering is completed, the result will still be an image without any anti-aliasing. This latter is a calculation that impacts heavily on the rendering time, and its application is not appropriate when the objective is to get a preview render.


After you get the picture on the final result using the speed of the progressive rendering, you can start the final rendering using the function: Render. This function, as well as make a more accurate calculation, apply the anti-aliasing, which makes an hi-quality image.

Below is a video showing how to start the final stage of rendering calculation.

Accessi alle finestre di dialogo

Below you can see a video showing how to start the final stage of rendering calculation.

Access to dialogs

The other menu items allow you to directly access the relative parts of the Caravaggio interface.

Among these, the menu items Rendering Options, Materials Editor and Lights Editor, allow you to open the corresponding dialog boxes that will be described below. Item Lights allows you to access a submenu with which to create various light sources such as: Point Light, Spherical Light, Directional Light and Area Light.
Finally, the voice License opens the dialog box, through which you can enter the license key to unlock the demo version and start using without Caravaggio limitation.

Watch the video to understand how to access the said windows.