Dialog windows

This section of the Guide provides an overview of the main elements that make up the interface of Caravaggio. These are the fundamental elements upon which is based Caravaggio operativity, to each of them will be dedicated a special section to investigate the use of commands and functions.

Rendering Options

Opens the dialog box of the same name, through which access to all of settings that characterize the processing, that is the quality of the final result.

Materials Editor

Using this entry you can open the dialog box of the Materials Editor, through which you are granted to access all the functions that allow you to create and apply materials to the model.

Lighting Editor

Opens the dialog box of the same name, interacting with the parameters used to change the artificial lighting of points added to the scene.

Caravaggio Properties

A window is created specifically for the object to which you want to attribute specific properties, such as motion blur, particle appearance and lighting properties.