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On line help first version in Italian

Sep 16, 2011   //   by admin   //   Docs  //  Comments Off

Developed on the very first internal functioning beta version, the Help is finally published in its first timid release, in Italian. Many concepts will soon be added with a constant work of updating and publishing. The guide presents in fact still some gaps and parts, which are not yet fully documented. That does not allow us to define it at all “complete”. Our effort will be the greatest in order to make it as soon as available and accessible, first in Italian, then in English. However, we will never stop to enrich it with all of those notions that will be useful to explain both the rendering techniques with Caravaggio, as well as new features that our developers will add. We hope especially in the support of our beta testers! Their tests and their suggestions will certainly contribute significantly to the completion of the first stable version of Caravaggio!

And finally Alpha

Sep 1, 2009   //   by admin   //   Development  //  Comments Off

First Alpha version available for internal use. Needless to list the imperfections and the improvements that still need to be made ​​to the software, but this is a good start to dream of a future working and marketable version. There is much excitement among the members of our team and we wish, therefore, a very big “good luck” so that our developers are able to give birth, as soon as possible, to a “working” public version so we’ll be able to share our enthusiasm with all our users.

We can do it!!

Mar 10, 2008   //   by admin   //   Development  //  Comments Off

Some internal tests performed directly on code have made the start of a development phase, that perhaps (just to be superstitious) will create one of the best renderers. The name? It has not yet decided but most likely there is already talk of honoring one of the best artists of the Renaissance: Caravaggio. So take the name of Merisi or his stage name even more known. Maybe take the name of one of his works, but now it is too early to tell.

We await developments…