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Help On Line – WIP

Dec 15, 2011   //   by admin   //   Docs  //  Comments Off

Yes, it’s still Work In Progress both, in Italian and in English.

English translation is about at 40%, but Italian version is being added of videos, which are going to explain better the relative features. In the meantime we are also going to add soon a rich series of Tutorials, coming from our (and our users’) Gallery experiences.

Stay tuned!!

Let’s Start!

Dec 15, 2011   //   by admin   //   Development  //  Comments Off

Finally here we are! Caravaggio sees the light in its final version 1.0!

After an intense period of beta testing, in which, paradoxically, the greatest difficulties were encountered during the installation of our software, we also collected a lot of valuable information about the features that will improve the software development in the coming months. Everything we could improve from the beginning has been included in the new and final version 1.0, but we’re already working to add features more “comfortable” starting in the next release 1.1, scheduled for next spring.

We’ll have a long winter… of development!

We also collected many ideas on what features should be included in version 2… but… maybe we’re running a little too much. This is only because we can not do everything in one day, even if we would like just to satisfy the enthusiasm of our users and our early beta testers that really pushes us to think of a future full of things to do!

For this we would like to thank all of our users and our early beta testers who have worked seriously and systematically searching for the last bugs by sending useful tips and practical suggestions that will improve the product in the coming months, for themselves of course but also for the benefit of new users. In particular, and hoping not to miss anyone, we strogly want to thank Paolo, Roberto, Sandra, Raffaella, Antonio, Fabio, Alessandro, Grazia, Luca, Serena, Gianluca, Paolo, Dario, Davide, Vanni, Enrico, Roberto, Fernando, Maurizio, Gianluca, Riccardo, Corrado, Gianfranco, Aldo, Michele, Luigi, Carlo, Silverio, Giuseppe, Maurizio, Giorgio who we hope (but we’re sure) will continue to “give us the torment” (to use their terms) and make Caravaggio software more useful, quick and easy.

There will be more good offers to buy Caravaggio in its final version, but you should still enjoy the last day of pre-sale offer … This is really unique!

Thanks again and… happy rendering to all of you!

First Beta ships

Sep 19, 2011   //   by admin   //   Development  //  Comments Off

Now available for download the first public beta versions.

Improved many of the features found to be bocking on the first Alpha releases, and improved the code on Mac version for SketchUp.

To download the running demo version, please connect to the Downloads page.