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Welcome SketchUp 2016!

Nov 25, 2015   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off

Happy to welcome SketchUp 2016, we are proud to confirm that our Caravaggio runs correctly even with this brand new version of SketchUp!

Of course, just click on the Download link in the menu above to get the DEMO version which best fits to your needs, and check out how much easy and direct is… RENDERING using CARAVAGGIO!!

Please, in order to close a successful setup, always follow the instructions at Installing Caravaggio RBZ files in SketchUp.

Thank you!

Installing Caravaggio RBZ files in SketchUp

Mar 11, 2014   //   by admin   //   Docs  //  Comments Off

Since the release of SketchUp installing plugins could turn to be a one click operation. It was in fact introduced the format. RBZ which identifies all the files that can be installed from within SketchUp.

Under the Window menu select Preferences to display the following dialog box…

Window dialog box

Selecting Extensions from the sidebar lists all the active and inactive plugins currently installed.

Clicking Install Extension… allows to navigate to the .rbz file you downloaded.

Obviously a dialog warning asks you to confirm the installation of the plugin, and that this may make changes to the file system. No need to worry about anything if the file has been downloaded from a trusted source.

Warning Dialog Box

The final dialog box confirms a successful installation.

Dialog Box


Introducing Caravaggio for SketchUp 2014

Mar 11, 2014   //   by admin   //   Blog, Development  //  Comments Off

Finally available the new installer and Caravaggio Caravaggio Render Studio for the 2014 version of SketchUp.

The new installers will allow Caravaggio to be installed and work properly with the new version of SketchUp, but does not require the purchase of a new license.

This time we chose to make things even more simple and include everything in a single file RBZ, the format introduced since the release of SketchUp 8, which makes Caravaggio installation to be even easier and directly from within SketchUp!

To learn more, visit the page we dedicated to the new installation process directly from SketchUp … and happy chiaroscuro to all of you!!

Caravaggio Dev Team.