Available video class in Italian

Jun 18, 2012   //   by admin   //   Blog, Docs  //  Comments Off

To answer your many demands is now available a complete video course in Italian for the two versions of Caravaggio Render and Studio on both currently supported platforms Rhino and SketchUp.

The video course is always immediately available online, although it is also included on the DVD accompanying the packaged version of Caravaggio (SIMIT distribution). Completely FREE OF CHARGE to those who purchase any full version of Caravaggio, we decided to make it freely available the online version to all users who have supported us until now by purchasing the version 1.0 starting from the pre-purchase phase. In the coming days, registered users will receive an email with instructions on how to use the service and access the video course.

We’re working on an English speaking version. Contact us if you’re interested in gathering more info about it!

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