Glazing with bump map

Nov 16, 2011   //   by admin   //   Gallery  //  Comments Off

Grazie alle proprietà fisiche del motore di rendering Caravaggio, ottenere superfici satinate è molto semplice.

The Studio version is provided with shaders able to easily create special glazing effects, however, precisely simulating what happens physically to get the glazing (ie a special process of polishing the surface), one obtains excellent results even in the version Render.

In fact, applying a bump map as the one shown in the figure, created specifically to simulate the micro scratches on the surface, it becomes possible to attribute the desired satin effect to a natural gloss surface. The more accurate the map (and therefore the higher its resolution) and model (which should reflect the surrounding environment and simulate the behavior of light on the surface), the more high-quality satin effect.

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